5 Reasons Why You Should Buy Loose Diamonds Online

The Benefits Of Buying Loose Diamonds Online -

Purchasing diamonds online is risky, but if you can get recommendations and check them properly you can save a lot since loose diamonds sold online are more affordable. There are 5 reasons to buy loose diamonds instead of ones that are mounted already. Here are the 5 reasons why you should buy loose diamonds online. Read them to get an idea of why buying online can also be advantageous for you. 

Large Collection Of High-Quality Loose Diamonds

When shopping online, you can easily check on the bulk of loose diamonds without getting exhausted compared to when you visit physical stores. Online jewelry shops have a large collection of high-quality diamonds you can choose from. Diamonds on the screen may appear different from the actual description and details are there, so you can imagine what the stones really look like. Shopping online can save you time compared to if you have to visit every store. You can be able to scan a lot of loose diamonds in a short period of time if you do it online. Most stores also have live chats where you can ask them about the products you are interested in. 

You Can Have Certified Diamonds

Diamonds need to be graded and for each grading done a certification is issued which shows the authenticity and properties of a diamond. Loose diamonds are more ideal to have it evaluated. Since having your diamond evaluated after being mounted can cause trouble and damage, your stone can get cracked or chipped. Plus, you will be spending more if you have your diamond evaluated after it is already mounted. Certified diamonds on the internet have the details already, and you can check on them. Diamonds bought online or offline should be issued with a certificate issued by a legit gemologist to prove the authenticity of the diamond. So there should be no reason why they cannot issue certificates or grading reports for your diamond, maybe it is loose or mounted. 

Diamonds Are Available At Lesser Prices

Many are wondering why loose diamonds are more affordable online. Online stores don’t need to pay rent, display cases, and lighting for the store. That’s why they don’t need to add operating costs to their products, and they can sell them at a lower price. Getting discounts can also be a bonus when buying loose diamonds online. Buying a loose diamond and getting it custom-made at your nearest jewelry store can be a perfect way to have the stone you want plus the design you desire at the right price. 

Loose Certified Diamonds Hold The Value Longer

Loose diamonds when certified alone can have a longer value compared to when they are already embedded in a setting. The value of the whole jewelry is the one evaluated and not the stone only. So it would be best if loose gets evaluated before they are mounted to their settings. Take note also of the gemologist who certifies your rings; they should be certified and legit. 

Inspecting Loose Diamonds Is Easier 

Loose diamonds can be inspected easily, and each corner can be free from components. Compared if the stone is already mounted, there are parts of it that cannot be inspected. During the inspection, the clarity of the diamond is checked, which means if parts of the diamond are covered, there might be inclusions that are not seen. So, if you are planning on getting jewelry, better buy the stone separately as a loose one then have it mounted on the setting you want. This way, you can get a loose diamond at a cheaper price and be assured that your stone is properly evaluated. 

These 5 reasons why you should buy loose diamonds online can serve as a guide for you in choosing a diamond for your jewelry. Diamonds are valuable. If you can get them at a lower price, then that’s already an advantage for you. Look for a shop that is legit. Check out the reviews and feedback from their previous clients. Some online shops would place their permits and licenses on their websites. You can verify them online to make sure you are dealing with a legit store. Do your own research before finally purchasing your loose diamond in an online store.