February 22, 2024

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What Are The Benefits of VPS Hosting For Your Site’s SEO?

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When it comes to hosting your own website, you need to be very conscious. Your business website or personal blog depends on the type of hosting service and the service provider you choose. Let us discuss the type of hosting that will be beneficial for your business website.

The biggest contributor to the success of your business website and the conversion of viewers to subscribers or customers is search engine rankings. 

When you rank higher on the search engines, that is, when the search engines recommend your website higher than others, it is a commendable feat. 

This is only possible when the website is optimised in a way that is favourable to the search engines. Now, there are a few criteria that need to be fulfilled when it comes to SEO and rankings. The hosting type that supports those criteria is the best one for you. 

With various reviews and observations, it can be concluded that VPS server hosting can be really beneficial for your website’s SEO. 

If you have a small or medium business, have just started, or are in the growth period, you might find other types of web hosting in India. But we would still suggest you choose VPS hosting, and this blog will tell you exactly why!

Benefits of VPS Hosting for Your Website’s SEO

  • Preferred Security

If we are talking about VPS hosting benefits for a website’s SEO, we should talk about the most important factor: security! VPS provides integration of numerous security software and tools. 

Since your website is hosted on a divided virtual server, it is basically secluded, away from the dangers of other websites. 

VPS servers also benefit you because it allows the implementation of all the security systems. This enhances the data protection and cyber security of your website. 

DDoS protection, antivirus software, regulated backups, disaster recovery, malware protection, firewall and SSL encryption certification are some of the basic security measures preferred by search engines. 

  • Consistent Uptime

Uptime is one of the most important benefits of VPS hosting. Uptime refers to the time period when your website is responsive to login requests and is active on the internet. A good VPS service provider will offer an average of 99.9% of uptime for your website.

Having good uptime always gets you in the good books of search engines. Hence, the websites recommended by these engines are hardly ever down or inactive. 

  • Elasticity in Resources

There is a concept called “peak hours” in website hosting that refers to the time when the traffic of that particular website is at its highest for a specific period (a day or a week). 

These peak hours require flexible usage of resources, like more bandwidth, better network, enhanced security, more storage, etc. Thankfully, VPS hosting is highly scalable!

Now, if we compare the scaling capacity of VPS to a cloud server or dedicated server, it might be lacking. But it is still a step above shared hosting while still being cost-effective. 

Since scalability is a determining factor of a website’s search engine ranking, VPS hosting opting for VPS hosting can be beneficial!

  • Website Speed

The loading, navigation, and redirection speed of the website matters more than you think! Most experts state that visitors usually leave the website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. 

With this in mind, search engines consider loading speed as well. VPS servers usually have great network capacity and bandwidth, increasing the potential of optimising your website’s speed for search engines.

Ending Note

With VPS, you get to enjoy good and secure services at a reasonable price. Moreover, you also enjoy the services that offer the best resources for your SEO. Having a good website means having a search engine-optimised website. If you want good SEO, VPS might just be for you!

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