June 18, 2024

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What Is a KVM VPS? 

In India, VPS Server usage has significantly increased. Recently, businesses are increasingly shifting to a Virtual Private Server or VPS Server that allows them to have a virtual machine with dedicated resources, including CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and other storage.  

However, if you need more advanced features and more flexibility, then KVM VPS can help you. 

Suppose you wish to run multiple operating systems on your servers. In that case, the most efficient way is to use KVM VPS. A KVM VPS lets you run different OS on the physical server using the kernel-based server virtualisation technology.  

Moreover, there are Web Hosting companies in India, and you can choose your desired VPS from the best-suited provider. 

Though it’s a more flexible and efficient VPS compared to other VPS, it is costlier and more complicated. Moreover, you need a specific technical understanding to utilise KVM VPS fully. 

In this article, we’ve discussed the features and benefits of KVM VPS Hosting and why you should go for KVM VPS hosting in India.  

Key Benefits of KVM VPS 

  1. Improved Performance 

KVM VPS uses hardware virtualisation, which creates a dedicated virtual server that includes CPU, memory, and storage, increasing overall performance. 

  1. Effective Server Management 

This server provides users root access to the server, enabling them to install their required OS or other server software. In addition, they can easily customise and configure the virtual machine. 

  1. Easy Customisation & Flexibility 

It provides a higher degree of flexibility that helps you customise the server to your needs, like installing your preferred OS and other server software. 

  1. High Level of Security 

KVM VPS is highly secure as the server is kept in a partitioned physical server that doesn’t directly share resources with other servers; thus, even if any other servers get compromised, your servers stay protected. 

  1. Scalability 

It is a highly scalable solution for users that allows them to add or remove resources. 

  1. Efficiency 

Organisations with high resource requirements should go for KVM VPS as a single KVM VPS supports up to 60 virtual machines, fulfilling the high resource requirements of any business. 

  1. Backup 

Another feature of KVM VPS is that you can easily back up the data and retrieve it if it is lost without any issues. 

Use Cases 

  • KVM VPS is used for web and application hosting. 
  • It is an effective option for users to develop and test codes. 
  • This server is becoming famous for hosting gaming servers. 


KVM VPS is a highly advanced server for users to run multiple OS on the server without any issues. It uses full virtualisation technology, enabling you to run your OS and customise the server. In addition, you can install your preferred OS and other server apps. 

Furthermore, KVM VPS is more flexible compared to other VPS. It provides high security, improved performance, and an isolated environment.  

It’s expensive compared to other VPS but provides features similar to dedicated servers and is far better than shared servers. 

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