July 15, 2024

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WordPress Lazy Loading and Its Benefits

According to the studies, a mere 2-second delay in website loading can increase the chances of bounce rates by up to 32%. It directly reflects the importance of the fast website loading speed. However, one of the main factors slowing down the website is having content rich with images, videos, and interactive elements on your website. 

So, how can a website owner supposedly from New Zealand cope with this?

Investing in reliable domain hosts and WordPress Hosting in NZ is one way. The other effective technique to improve loading times is WordPress Lazy Loading, used by the providers to enhance website speed by loading content only when needed, resulting in a smoother browsing experience. 

In this article, let us explore the concept of Lazy Loading and its benefits on your WordPress site.

WordPress Lazy Loading

Lazy Loading in WordPress is a technique that loads the items such as lazy load images in WordPress on the website, which come into the view of the user’s screen. 

Thus, deferring the loading of elements on different web pages of the same website will significantly impact the page loading time. 

Traditionally, all content on a web page would load simultaneously, potentially slowing down the page load time, especially on content-heavy websites.

How to Install Lazy Loading WordPress Plugin?

  1. Choose a by selecting the Lazy Load WordPress plugin such as “Lazy Load by WP Rocket” or “a3 Lazy Load.”
  2. Install and activate the chosen plugin from the WordPress admin dashboard.
  3. Access and configure the plugin settings from the WordPress admin menu.
  4. Adjust advanced settings if needed, like preload behavior or exclusion of specific content.
  5. Test or check the view of your site’s front to ensure Lazy Loading is working as expected.
  6. Check the performance and verify the improved page loading performance.
  7. Troubleshoot if any conflicts arise.
  8. Regularly update your Lazy Loading plugin to ensure compatibility with the latest WordPress version.

Benefits of WordPress Lazy Loading

  1. Faster Page Load Times

According to studies, a mere delay of 1 second in loading time can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions. But here, Lazy Loading gives the benefit of faster page load times by deferring the loading of off-screen content. It will prevent you from potential losses due to slow load time. 

  1. Reduced Bandwidth Usage 

Lazy Loading reduces bandwidth usage by loading content as users scroll, which is advantageous for users. It not only improves user experience but also reduces data usage.

  1. Improved User Experience

With Lazy Loading, users can engage with the visible content sooner. It helps them to experience seamless and responsive browsing. It is especially beneficial for long-scrolling pages and content-heavy websites.

  1. Optimized SEO Performance

One of the essential factors of SEO ranking is page load speed. However, Lazy Loading and the best WordPress Hosting can positively impact your website’s SEO performance by improving loading times, leading to higher search engine rankings.

  1. Lower Bounce Rates

Slow-loading websites lead to higher bounce rates because users may leave the site before it fully loads. However, Lazy Loading reduces the likelihood of users abandoning your site due to long loading times.


In the digital world where user expectations are rising, optimizing website performance and speed has become essential to provide them with a seamless user experience. 

However, investing in premium WordPress Hosting and utilizing the Lazy Loading technique will positively impact your website experience and, more likely than not, into better conversion.